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Bug#511717: startx mis-parses initial client and server arguments which begin with / or ./

Package: xinit
Version: 1.0.9-2

If you invoke startx with a client whose initial command-line arguments begin with / or ./, it uses the last such argument as the base command for the client. E.g.:
  startx /usr/bin/xterm /usr/bin/mutt
will use /usr/bin/mutt as the client to run instead of /usr/bin/xterm. This is because of the way in which startx parses its arguments. It's a loop over a case with three clauses; the bug is in the first. When it's looking at one of startx's args it checks to see if $clientargs is empty in order to see if it should set $client or add the argument to $clientargs. It should probably check to see whether $client is set instead.

There is a similar bug in parsing server args, where it checks to see if $serverargs is empty to decide whether to set $server.
Robert Macomber

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