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Bug#489141: xserver-xorg: X server sometimes refuses local xclients to connect

On Thu, Jul  3, 2008 at 14:20:26 +0200, Michael Hanke wrote:

> Since a few weeks I'm experiencing the situation that from time to time
> local X clients cannot connect to the local X server:
> 	hanke@balin:~$ xcalc
> 	No protocol specified
> 	Error: Can't open display: :0
> While at the same time foreign clients (via SSH connection) can connect
> without problems:
> 	hanke@feanor:/media/local2/working/hanke/catface2$ xcalc
> 	Warning: Cannot convert string "calculator" to type Pixmap
> 	Warning: Cannot convert string "gray3?foreground=gray70&background=gray85" to type Pixmap
What's the value of $DISPLAY in both cases?  If you could install
libx11-6-dbg (and maybe libxcb-xlib0-dbg and libxcb1-dbg) and trace
what's happening when this fails, using gdb, that would probably help a


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