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Re: Updates for the xorg package?

Christian Perrier wrote:
> Quoting Debian testing watch (noreply@henning.makholm.net):
>> FYI: The status of the xorg source package
>> in Debian's testing distribution has changed.
>>   Previous version: 1:7.2-5
>>   Current version:  1:7.3+10
> I suppose this concludes the lenny development?
> What are the plans the the lenny release? Are the 7.3 packages those
> that will be released with lenny? If so, I suppose that only trivial
> fixes are likely to be uploaded. In such case, some branching in git
> could be done....and I could then work on (po-debconf) l10n
> completion.

(nobody replied to this?)

The original plan was to get Xorg *7.4* in Lenny. But given how Xserver
1.5 has been delayed, Xorg 7.4 may not be released any time soon.


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