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Re: xorg: Changes to 'debian-unstable'

On Tue, Feb  5, 2008 at 00:14:06 +0000, David Nusinow wrote:

> commit caa744f52131ec4a9858f6a843731bdca22adaf0
> Author: David Nusinow <dnusinow@debian.org>
> Date:   Mon Feb 4 19:06:59 2008 -0500
>       + Have x11-common conflict with older xserver-xorg and vice-versa. Also
>         have xserver-xorg replace older x11-common
>       + Set x11-common to arch: all and xserver-xorg to arch: any
xserver-xorg (old) Pre-Depends: x11-common (>= 1:7.3+3)

xserver-xorg (new) Pre-Depends: x11-common (>= 1:7.3+3)
                   Conflicts: x11-common (<< 1:7.3+11)

x11-common (old)   no relation to xserver-xorg afaics

x11-common (new)   Conflicts: xserver-xorg (<< 1:7.3+11)

This change is making an upgrade overly complicated, and apt couldn't
figure it out here.  I had to dpkg -r --force-depends xserver-xorg, then
install the new x11-common, then install the new xserver-xorg.

There's probably a better way to achieve what we want here.


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