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Re: updated X drivers in etch+1/2?

David Nusinow wrote:
> It looks like we still need an -ati backport, although I really don't know
> what the best route to take for this. That driver has undergone so many
> changes, I'm not sure what we can realistically backport.

Agreed. I think ati 6.6.3 was considered a good release. From what I saw
in the BTS, 6.6.19x didn't improve many things and even broke some. Most
new board support was only added very recently in 6.7.19x, but radeonhd
already take care of most of them.

It's probably worth backporting 0c26806245381b925b73ff9f3b747e3dcf0ebd6f
(old rv380 pci id added recently) and I can have a look at the git
history to find some trivial fixes if needed.

Michel Danzer's opinion will probably be helpful anyway.


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