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Bug#441902: xserver-xorg-video-ati: 6.7.192-1~7.2 crashes xserver with xv video playback on compiz

On Mon, 2007-09-17 at 09:50 -0400, Alec Robertson wrote:
> Thanks for the info. A few more questions.

I'm following up to the bug report, please do so as well.

> >> * a recommendation I found somewhere (is this necessary?)
> >>>>    Option      "GARTSize"         "64"         # default is 8 Mb
> > 
> > The default may be too small for demanding 3D applications with the r300
> > Mesa driver.
> Is 64Gb an acceptable amount for a 128Mb ati card on a 1Gb memory
> system? Aside from compiz, I really don't use any 3D apps.

Then it should be plenty, the default may be fine even.

> >> * improve power consumption (I'm on a laptop, does this cause problems)
> >>>>    Option      "DynamicClocks"    "on"         # default is off (on=faster?)
> > 
> > It can cause problems on some hardware setups.
> Are there common symptoms to suggest that hardware problems may be
> occurring? 

No, they tend to vary with the specific setup.

> One more option that I had included was:
>   Option      "EnablePageFlip"        "on"        # default is off
> * I use page flip because the man page says it improves performance, but
>   for the old ati driver, I had to turn it off as it caused "tearing" of
>   the compiz desktop after switching to/from a virtual console (or going
>   to sleep.)

That wasn't tearing but just a page flipping related bug I fixed for

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