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Bug#441902: xserver-xorg-video-ati: 6.7.192-1~7.2 crashes xserver with xv video playback on compiz

On Sun, 2007-09-16 at 12:33 -0400, Alec Robertson wrote:
> > You should try removing all these options.
> Is there any reason these would cause problems?

Generally, the intention is for the defaults to be safest, and changing
them incurs a certain risk.

> * a recommendation I found somewhere (is this necessary?)
> >>    Option      "GARTSize"         "64"         # default is 8 Mb

The default may be too small for demanding 3D applications with the r300
Mesa driver.

> * improve power consumption (I'm on a laptop, does this cause problems)

It can cause problems on some hardware setups.

> >>    Option      "DynamicClocks"    "on"         # default is off (on=faster?)

The purpose is to save power by automatically disabling the clocks of
idle GPU blocks. This can't increase performance but may decrease it
slightly in some situations.

> * I use radeonfb and the man page says I can turn this off (problems?)
> >>    Option      "VGAAccess"        "off"        # default is on (not required for radeonfb)

I wouldn't use this on your machine, it's mainly for powerpc machines
where legacy VGA access just doesn't work.

> > You should try EXA instead of XAA too (especially with Xserver 1.4).
> I've been trying this on and off, but with my compiz desktop, EXA is
> terribly slow to draw the windows.

As of X.org 7.3, compiz should be faster with EXA than with XAA with the
r300 Mesa driver.

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