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Re: xserver 1.4

David Nusinow wrote:
> Ok, the video drivers and PCI ID's are finally done and uploaded to
> experimental. I'll start ripping out discover bits soonish, but as far as
> I'm concnerned we can just rebuild everything for unstable and upload now.
> Whoever gets to it first should just go for it. I probably won't have time
> until Sunday, but I'd be happy to get it done then.

I've uploaded all the new sub-xbase-clients packages to unstable (so
that xorg 7.3 may be uploaded to unstable too, so that xorg-server 1.4
too). And compositeproto is done too.

Unless I'm mistaken, the remaining things to upload to unstable are:
* renderproto 0.9.3
* xorg 7.3
* xorg-server 1.4
* drivers

I might work on them tomorrow. If so, I'll use IRC to make nobody's
already doing things.


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