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Re: xserver-xorg (1:7.2.ds3-1) to 1:7.3~rc1 fails with orig. NVIDIA 9639 driver.

On Fri, 2007-08-24 at 20:39 +0200, Norbert Breun wrote:
> not sure what your intention is. Mine never was or is to blame
> anybody.

Neither is mine, just to rectify factually incorrect claims.

> Fact is on the other hand: My system runs since 7 years and it runs
> more or less comfortably with nvidia drivers. GLX was created by
> Silicon Graphics. GLX, with both DRI and Mesa, is included in the
> X.Org Foundation's version of the X Window System since X11R6.7.0,
> that means actually April 6, 2004. 

That's because before then, the only widely usable distribution of the X
Window System (and the only one supported by the nvidia driver) was

> And: You are perfectly right. Debian driver packages exist and they
> worked comfortably even to me until this spring. I did not find a way
> to make them work again. Installing the NVIDIA stuff as delivered by
> NVIDIA was the easiest way to me to solve this. 

That's your choice, but again you have to accept the consequences.
There's just no way for the packaging system to accommodate unpackaged
software working around it.

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