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Bug#420402: Getting a better backtrace.

El Miércoles, 2 de Mayo de 2007, Joey Hess escribió:
> How could a core dump backtrace be different or better?
> It seems pretty clear that it's jumping the the xf86SigHandler and
> losing all prior stack info before that.

  Well, I can't tell you why a core dump backtrace could be different, but 
that was my case. I tried using gdb on the same machine and everything got 
stuck, that's why I adviced about the core dump, because that method was not 
intrusive to the Xorg server and I could get a proper backtrace from there.

  I even tried using gdb on Xorg with the NoTrapSignals but even that way the 
backtrace I got was useless, as yours. I hadn't the chance to use gdb sshing 
from another machine. maybe that could lead you to a correct backtrace.

  Trying won't take you much time, but since I suppose you are quite busy 
that's up to you.


     Raúl Sánchez Siles
----->Proud Debian user<-----
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