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Bug#416544: Setup of Romanian keymap for X

> > Christian Perrier wrote:
> >> I think this probably belongs to xserver-xorg. The X keymap is set in
> >> that package's postinst. In that piece of code, I see nothing to
> >> properly handle Romanian keymaps (and, yes, this is ugly and not well
> >> scalable):
> > I'll test the attached patch and tell you about the results.
> I fociblity purged the xserver-xorg package (1:7.1.0-15) installed and installed
> 1:7.1.0-15.1 (which only added the previous patch and a changelog entry - patch
> attached), I installed all resulting packages from the build (except -dev
> packages), including xserver-xorg.
> Then I added a new user, restarted gdm and logged in with the new user. The
> default keyboard layout was the romanian one.
> (I think the next section deserves a bug of its own, but I'll let others judge
> this.)

OK, I'll commit this to xorg's git repository, then.

Really unsure about this going to etch or not.

> WRT the non-scalability, I agree and think we should add a step to the new
> language process[1] that would add pairs like:
> fr-latin9,fr:xmap=fr
> ro:xmap=ro
> ro-comma:xmap=ro,variant=comma
> Which should define DI to Xorg layout mappings and we could add that info
> directly as pacthes to xorg (or maybe console-data, or which is the
> most-hip-console-layout-database) and xorg could use that information during
> build to make the appropriate xserver-xorg.postinst section (of course, if added
> to other package than xorg, xorg would have to Build-Depend on that package,
> thus takign the most recent information).
> What do you think?

This is defintely interesting, so I'm very glad to announce that you
just volunteered to commit the appropriate patch to the D-I i18n doc,

Given that we already have a step for new languages to specify the
console keymap and font, we could indeed just add the requirement for
X.org keyboard handling settings to that step, also.

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