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Bug#416544: Setup of Romanian keymap for X

Quoting Debian Bug Tracking System (owner@bugs.debian.org):
> Processing commands for control@bugs.debian.org:
> > reassign 416544 x11-common
> Bug#416544: X keyboard layout should be set for the first user
> Bug reassigned from package `debian-installer' to `x11-common'.
> > retitle 416544 Romanian keyboard not set on new installations
> Bug#416544: X keyboard layout should be set for the first user
> Changed Bug title to Romanian keyboard not set on new installations from X keyboard layout should be set for the first user.

I think this probably belongs to xserver-xorg. The X keymap is set in
that package's postinst. In that piece of code, I see nothing to
properly handle Romanian keymaps (and, yes, this is ugly and not well

  db_get debian-installer/keymap || debug_report_status "db_get debian-installer/keymap"

  case "$DI_KEYMAP" in
    be2) XMAP="be";;
    bg) XMAP="bg"; VARIANT="bds";;
    br) XMAP="us"; VARIANT="intl"; MODEL="pc104";;
    br-abnt2) XMAP="br"; VARIANT="abnt2"; MODEL="abnt2";;
    by) XMAP="by";;
    cf) XMAP="ca";;
    lfc-cat) XMAP="es"; VARIANT="cat";;
    cz-lat2) XMAP="cz";;
    de-latin1-nodeadkeys) XMAP="de"; VARIANT="nodeadkeys";;
    de) XMAP="de";;
    dvorak) XMAP="us"; VARIANT="dvorak"; MODEL="pc104";;
    dk) XMAP="dk";;
    es) XMAP="es";;
    fr_CH) XMAP="ch"; VARIANT="fr";;
    fr) XMAP="fr";;
    hebrew) XMAP="il";;
    hu) XMAP="hu";;
    fi) XMAP="fi";;
    fr-latin9) XMAP="fr"; VARIANT="latin9";;
    gb) XMAP="gb";;
    gr) XMAP="gr";;
    hu) XMAP="hu";;
    is) XMAP="is";;
    it) XMAP="it";;
    jp106) XMAP="jp"; MODEL="jp106";;
    la) XMAP="latam";;
    lt) XMAP="lt";; 
    # XXX should these be MODEL="macintosh"?
    mac-us-std) XMAP="us";;
    mac-de2-ext) XMAP="de"; VARIANT="nodeadkeys";;
    mac-fr2-ext) XMAP="fr";;
    mac-fr3) XMAP="fr";;
    mac-es) XMAP="es";;
    mac-usb-de_CH) XMAP="ch"; VARIANT="de";;
    no) XMAP="no";;
    pl) XMAP="pl";;
    pt) XMAP="pt";;
    uk) XMAP="gb";;
    lv-latin4) XMAP="lv";;
    se) XMAP="se";;
    sg) XMAP="ch"; VARIANT="de";;
    sk-qwerty) XMAP="sk"; VARIANT="qwerty";;
    sr-cy) XMAP="sr";;
    trf) XMAP="tr"; VARIANT="f";;
    trq) XMAP="tr";;
    ua) XMAP="ua";;
    uk) XMAP="gb"; VARIANT="intl";;
    us) XMAP="us"; MODEL="pc104";;
    *) XMAP="UNKNOWN";;

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