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re: last chance to do something about discover1 etc: I give up

Hi Joey,

   I didn't realize that this was a pressing issue.
Since it worked for sarge, I figured that the kludge
could remain until we can get a proper solution in

   As it stands, I don't forsee us having a chance to
remove the dependencies of the X server on those
external apps for etch. There's just no way we can do
it in time. We've burned this release cycle moving
from XFree86 to Xorg and from the monolith to modular.
There'll be enough time to clean up what we have, but
I simply can't do the requisite work on the server to
make it perform the way you want it to in time.

   My plan for some time now has been to fix this in
the future. Not in the far future though, it's my
major release goal for etch+1. A great deal of the
necessary work is in development upstream to make this
happen. Daniel Stone is working on input device
hotplugging and Intel and Redhat both are working on
monitor autoconfiguration. I plan to write the
necessary code to remove the dependency on discover if
it's not done before I get to it. I also plan to move
the xresprobe logic in to the server as necessary.
These changes are in the works and will be ready for
etch+1. I simply can not get them to you for etch

   As for your proposed solutions, if there is no
other option I would rather we ship xresprobe and
discover in base. I realize that it's bloat, but they
are both small apps, and we could disable discover1's
init script so that it doesn't slow down people's boot
times. This would be done with the goal that these
apps will be removed for etch+1 as the work on the X
server gets done. As for the RC bug issue, I refuse to
consider the inability to autoconfigure X RC at this
stage. It's a serious issue, but with the means I
currently have at my disposal it should not hold up
the release. I promise to devote time and effort to
doing this work once etch is out, but there's no way I
can have it written, deployed, and well tested by

Please let me know what you think and how I can help
out more. I'm sorry I'm not able to make these changes
right now, but I do promise to resolve this issue in
the next release cycle when things are calmer in X
development land.

 - David Nusinow

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