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Re: Request For Permission To Upload Xorg 7.1 To Unstable

Dänzer wrote:
>   * Tighten dependencies between X11R7.1 server and video drivers.
>     xserver-xorg-core no longer Depends: xserver-xorg-video-all | xserver-xorg-$    but instead Conflicts: xserver-xorg-video.  The dependency on
>     xserver-xorg-video-all | xserver-xorg-video-1.0 is managed by the
>     xserver-xorg binary package (not included here to avoid circular
>     dependencies).
>   * Likewise remove Depends: xserver-xorg-input-all |
>     xserver-xorg-input (again, handled by xserver-xorg) to avoid
>     circular dependency with drivers.

I think I've got this sorted in svn now:

* all video drivers currently in experimental changed to Provides: xserver-xorg-video-1.0
instead of Provides: xserver-xorg-video

* xserver-xorg binary package changed to Depends:  xserver-xorg-video-all | xserver-xorg-video-1.0

*  xserver-xorg-core Depends: xserver-xorg-video-all | xserver-xorg-video is removed.
It  now Conflicts: xserver-xorg-video.

* For good measure Depends: xserver-xorg-input-all | xserver-xorg-input is also removed from xserver-xorg-core.
The removal of these Dependses is for the purpose of avoiding circular dependencies with the drivers.

There are a handful of video drivers in unstable only, not experimental, which I did not touch.


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