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Bug#362920: cvs - X11R7.0 incompatibilities

On Mon, Apr 17, 2006 at 02:24:21AM +1000, Drew Parsons wrote:
> Painfully, we may have to proceed without freetype support in Xprint
> after all.

AIUI, the non-freeness issue I raised on xorg-modular, would certainly
violate the DFSG?

> After applying the libxfont patch, Xprt is able to start, and partially
> works.  However as soon as I try to print, accessing a truetype font,
> Xprt crashes with
> Fatal server error:
> PS DDX internal error while converting FreeType font '/usr/lib/X11/fonts/Type1/c0648bt_.pfb' to PS Type1, error=11
> This error does not occur with 7.1 (cvs) libraries.  The specific one
> which prevents me from uploading Xprint from cvs is xfixes. cvs
> requires xfixes4 while X11R7.0 only provides xfixes3.
> There are a couple of alternative ways to proceed:
> [...]
> I haven't tried 3) since I assume the Xorg developers made the xserver
> explicitly depend on xfixes4 for a reason. However it's possible that
> reason applies to some other part of the server code not affecting
> Xprint.
> I'll sleep over whether 3) is viable. Besides, if the underlying bug
> (assumed fixed in cvs) is in libxfonts, then uploading a cvs Xprint
> won't help anyway. Indeed, a cvs version with a dodgy workaround for
> xfixes4 does crash. I'm not certain that a better xfixes4 fix would
> change that.
> This will all clear up much more easily once Debian has upgraded to
> X11R7.1.

Right.  Given they're modules, an upload of just the newer versions of
x11proto-fixes and libxfont could be done?  This is, after all, the
Grand Unified New Modular Reality. :)


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