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libXp not going to be modularized?

Hi X list,

Are libxp6 and libxp-dev not going to enter the brave new world of
modularized X?  I can't find a libxp directory in the Debian package
pool on ftp.d.o, so apparently there is no modular libxp even in

I note that x11-common, xserver-xorg, libxp6, libxp-dev, and xaw3dg are
the only packages keeping the /usr/X11R6 directory in my sid chroot.
The first two of those look like they have some reason to do so, and
there is already a bug filed against the last of them (#362074).  That
leaves only libXp as the odd man out...

I presume that libxp won't just be removed, right?  A number of apps and
libraries depend upon it, including firefox, thunderbird, lesstif2-dev,
and tetex-bin.

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