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Bug#361086: xresprobe: improper copyright file

Package: xresprobe
Version: 0.4.22
Severity: important

The copyright file seems to imply that the package is written entirely
by Daniel Stone, however the source package includes ddcprobe, which
is compiled and installed to usr/bin/ddcprobe. 

However this binary is produced with:
gcc -W -Wall  -g -O2  -o ddcprobe vesamode.o common.o x86-common.o lrmi.o vbe.o ddcprobe.o 

Which reveal the following:
MIT-ish license
Copyright (C) 1998 by Josh Vanderhoof

There is also:
minifind.c: * Copyright (c) 2002 Terra Soft Solutions, Inc.
GPL license, version unspecified.

x86emu/ has:
*               Copyright (C) 1996-1999 SciTech Software, Inc.
*                                    Copyright (C) David Mosberger-Tang
*                                          Copyright (C) 1999 Egbert Eich

Please document these additional copyright statements and licenses in the
copyright file.

Also this is presently a native package, and I don't understand why.

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