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Re: Modular in Experimental

On Wed, Jan 25, 2006 at 08:34:39PM +0100, David Martínez Moreno wrote:
> El martes, 24 de enero de 2006 05:09, David Nusinow escribió:
> > Ok, status update: the common-packages are uploaded (xorg-common is in NEW)
> > and tonight I uploaded the protocol headers, which are also sitting in NEW.
> > Tomorrow I'm going to get started on the libs, which are sitting waiting
> > for me to hand-hold their builds in a chroot.
> 	Hello, David. I have a question, are you forward-porting all the changes we 
> are doing to 6.9 to 7.0?

Yes, see the TODO in the modular branch. Please don't do any really serious
work on 6.9 though unless you're willing to take responsibility for being
sure it gets ported to 7.0 also. Since I'm the only one who's actively
hacking on 7.0 right now, I'd much prefer to get a version of 7.0 in to
unstable for testing ASAP than worry about forward porting a zillion fixes
that were backported from upstream to our 6.9 tree.

 - David Nusinow

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