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Bug#315195: Bug#346377: xterm: Now that manpages are in /usr/share/man, they should drop the .1x

El sábado, 7 de enero de 2006 15:13, Nathanael Nerode escribió:
> Package: xterm
> Version: 208-1
> Severity: minor
> Now that all the xterm manpages are installed in /usr/share/man/man1
> instead of in /usr/X11R6/man/man1, I believe they should drop the '1x'
> suffix and revert to '.1'.  Right?
> -- remove the appropriate part of debian/patches/901_xterm_manpage.diff
>    (the part which changes it from '1' to '1x')
> -- rename the three manpages in debian/local from .1x to .1
> -- and change their internal references to remove the 'x'
> -- remove the 'manext=1x' bit from the main "$(MAKE) install"
>    line in debian/rules
> -- fix all the references in debian/rules to the manpages in debian/local,
>    so they refer to them by the correct names
> I think this is all that needs to be done.

	Hello, Nathanael. This was discussed long time ago, in #315195. quoted from 
Eugene Konev:

Hello Nathanael.

On Mon, 18 Jul 2005 20:44:57 -0400
you wrote:

> > Fix xterm postinst script to setup proper manpage alternatives for
> > x-terminal-emulator, as *xterm.1.gz have changed to *xterm.1x.gz in
> > xorg (Closes #315195).

> Um.  I think we want them to be xterm.1.gz, not xterm.1x.gz, and we
> should fix
> *that*.  Right?

We now have all x manpages ending with [1-9]x.gz

	I do not mind what to put. In fact, it is easier for me as I do not have to 
touch manext variable and the like. But please agree on something, because I 
do not know what is right here.

	Best regards,

Network engineer
Debian Developer

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