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Bug#331518: xserver-xorg: xorg doesn't support multi-resolution xinerama

On 18.10.05 12:53:07, Michel Dänzer wrote:
> On Sun, 2005-10-16 at 20:02 +0200, Andreas Pakulat wrote: 
> > On 14.10.05 15:39:05, Michel Dänzer wrote:
> > > SubSection "Display"
> > > 	Depth		24
> > > 	Modes		"1400x1050" # change to the mode you want on the CRT
> > > 	Virtual		1680 1050
> > > EndSubSection
> > > 
> > > Does that come closer to what you want? If not, please provide an
> > > XFree86 logfile for comparison.
> > 
> > The line above actually comes closer to what I want, in fact after
> > starting X11 once with this it always "defaults" to this modeline if I
> > provide anything like 1600x1050 or 1600x1200. However I now use a
> > virtual size of only 1600x1050 (smaller width) as I don't really need
> > those 80 pixel... 
> If that works, why don't you just use the resolution of the mode you're
> running, or don't override the virtual resolution in the first place to
> avoid scrolling at all?

Because I thought that XFree86 provided me with 1600x1050 and not
1400x1050 and I wanted that under Xorg too...

> > However specifying a Mode of 1600x1024 (which is what Xfree86 actually
> > uses - see attached XFree log) 
> Eh? It's only used as one of the modes for the internal LCD AFAICT.
> XFree86 seems to use 1400x1050 as well on the CRT.

Right, mixed up this with the 1400x1050 on the RADEON(1) devices...

> > doesn't work. The monitor is set to 1600x1024 but it sets to 60Hz and the 
> > modeline makes the monitor "go green". Not very good, but I'll attache the 
> > X.org log too.
> AFAIK this mode is geared towards some wide screen LCD panels, it may
> just not be suitable for CRTs.

Right, but I could swear that the CRT showed 1600x1050 under XFree86,
though the Sarge-Log seems to say something different. Anyway I can live
with 1400x1050 or maybe 1600x1050 (virtually).

> > You decide what to do (wether to close the bug, leave it open or forward
> > this to upstream). 
> If you agree that this is purely a configuration issue and no bug in the
> xserver-xorg package, please close the bug by following up to
> 331518-done@bugs.debian.org .

I don' really aggree that this is a configuration issue, as the
behaviour of Xorg is certainly different from that of XFree86, but as
I'm not sure wether XFree86 did support 1600x1050 on that monitor and I
can live with the current solution I'm closing this bug.

Thanks for your time and support on this.


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