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Bug#322920: [a-devel] Re: Bug#322920: Please raise severity of x11-common bug


This is definitely not a bug of x11-common.
I understand both points of view, and emotionally I rather would follow my
Debian feelings.
It is not possible to check if all Debian packages in the world (outside
Debian) are conflicting with the official Debian package.

In this sense, it is up to the split-off distribution (Ubuntu, Demudi) to
handle the bug and guarantee a smooth upgrade for their thing.
You knew that when you decided to use non-official packages, right ?

On the other hand, it might be a good idea to offer a path back to
Debian for those who went abroad, especially if the problem can be
fixed together with bug #318688.


On 16 Aug 2005, Andreas Kuckartz wrote:
> Well ... here is some additional information:
> I am not the person who first reported this problem and I got the xorg
> packages from a different repository.
> I am using the xorg version which is provided with the latest version of
> DeMuDi (1.2.1). The DeMuDi community (http://demudi.agnula.org/)
> considers itself as belonging to the Debian community.
> The original xorg package used by DeMuDi was taken from Ubuntu.
> Please note that this is not about "responsibility" for the bug but
> about a problem which (so far) at least two users have encountered. Only
> a small number of DeMuDi users experiment with upgrading fundamental
> packages such as those belonging to X.
> I also encountered #318688 (reported by Steve Langasek and marked
> "important") at the same time. In fact I thought (and think) that this
> might be the same bug - or that both problems are closely related.
> Cheers,
> Andreas
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