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downtime expected on necrotic.deadbeast.net (SVN repo host)

Hi folks,

I'm expecting to bring Subversion services down on necrotic at some point
soon, possibly this evening.

Now that there's a known fix for bug #314381[1], I have successfully built
and used a patched Subversion 1.2.0-1 package for client-side operations
against the XSF repositories.

I now plan to build, install, and test patched 1.2.0-1 packages on
necrotic, and if I find no problems, dump and restore the xfree86 and
xorg-x11 repositories to get them using xdelta compression exclusively (see
the Subversion 1.2 release notes[2] for why).

Please watch this list for mails announcing the actual beginning of
downtime, and notice of service restoration (or problems, but
hopefully there won't be any of those).  I'm hoping the outage won't last
more than an hour.

#314381 was a showstopper for me and was the only thing keeping me from
upgrading to Subversion 1.2 on necrotic.  Those who have already upgraded
their clients should see performance improvements[3] due to various
optimizations in 1.2 as well as the new xdelta compression method.

[1] http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=314381
[2] http://subversion.tigris.org/svn_1.2_releasenotes.html
[3] But don't expect the world, poor necrotic is only a 300 MHz UltraSPARC
    II with 256MB of RAM.  Starting to live up to its name, I think... :)

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