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Re: xtt module not loaded

El Lunes, 1 de Agosto de 2005 19:47, Paolo Pantaleo escribió:
> >         Could you please list the XFree86 packages do you have installed,
> > in particular fonts packages?
> I'am afraid i can't... i moved to unstable... sorry.
> Anyway i installed xfonts-based, xfonts-100dpi, xfonts-75dpi.
> But the point is:
> xtt module is not selcted by dafault, and was the only not selected in
> the list of avalaible modules (during X configuration), just i want to
> suggest "isn't better to keep it selected by dafault?"

	Hello, Paolo. Please do not reply privately.

	xtt was not selected by default previously because it was incompatible with 
freetype. In fact, there was a note in latest XFree86 Debian packages, in the 
modules selection, like:

"The bitmap, freetype, speedo, type1, and xtt modules are all font "
"rasterizers.  The freetype and xtt modules should not be enabled at the "
"same time, as they are incompatible.  The freetype module should be used "
"for Western languages and anti-aliased font support; the xtt module "
"should be used for East Asian character set support (specifically, for "
"CID-keyed fonts)."

	That was why we disabled xtt by default.

	Best regards,

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