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X Strike Force X.Org X11 SVN commit: r291 - trunk/debian

Author: dnusinow
Date: 2005-06-28 22:42:55 -0500 (Tue, 28 Jun 2005)
New Revision: 291

- Patch audit. Going through patches that were removed by Ubuntu and
  checking their changelog. If the changelog explicitly lists the patch
  with a reason for removal, I'm removing it from our TODO list. Similar
  for altered patches. Other items are a judgement call on my part
  (justification given) but I'm willing to hear otherwise.

  - 000_stolen_from_HEAD_ati_driver.diff - I'm trusting upstream here, and
	DRI works fine on my ati chip.

  - 003_linux.cf_and_xfree86.cf.diff - Well done raising the issues with
	this patch, but from looking at them it appears fine. Re-organizing the
	patch is not a priority for this upload, but possibly in the future
	(although given that upstream is scrapping this build system anyway, I
	think it's a waste of time).

  - 024_ati_r128_and_radeon_enable_build_without_vgahw.diff

  - 056_xdmcp_Wrap.h_fixes.diff

  - 063_fix_weak_deps.diff - claimed to be fixed without reference to patch
	name itself (search for 'weak' in changelog.Ubuntu)

  - 077_xdm_honor_request_port_zero.diff

  - 914_debian_Xserver_send_bugs_to_us.diff - This patch was justified due
	to XFree86 not being upstream anymore. Now that we are distributing our
	upstream's actual code, this patch is pointless (or it would have to
	be applied to all Debian packages).

Modified: trunk/debian/TODO
--- trunk/debian/TODO	2005-06-29 03:12:44 UTC (rev 290)
+++ trunk/debian/TODO	2005-06-29 03:42:55 UTC (rev 291)
@@ -9,8 +9,6 @@
 * Review all xfree86 4.3.0.dfsg.1-13 and -14 patches. [neroden]
-000_stolen_from_HEAD_ati_driver.diff -- upstream but
-  verify that no reversions are necessary regarding DRI revision.
 000_stolen_from_author_xterm.diff -- NEEDS PORTING
   Upstream is up to Dickey's patch #197.  This is up to his patch #199,
   or possibly #200.
@@ -18,36 +16,16 @@
   Probably replaced by 000_stolen_from_linuxwacom_wacom_driver.diff.
   Unfortunately that patch does not say which upstream version was taken,
   unlike the old patch.  That should be fixed.
-003_linux.cf_and_xfree86.cf.diff -- NEEDS HELP
-  -- present under same name (with changes)
-  -- New patch has a few issues left to check:
-     * comments indicate that this belongs in the 900-series; but some of it
-       appears to in fact belong upstream
-     * Portions appear to be formatting changes and rearrangements
-       which probably should be dropped if they're not accepted upstream
-     * Fallback definition of NothingOutsideProjectRoot removed;
-       is this unneccesary due to change in 000_stolen_from_HEAD.diff ?
-     * A bad m68k kernel assumption is deleted.  Should that be upstream?
-     * Portion not moved to 900-series should be renamed to
-       003_linux.cf_and_xorg.cf.diff
 003b_xfs_fixes.diff -- NEEDS INFO, probably NEEDS PORTING
   -- similar patch present under same name
   -- The xfree86 version looks more up-to-date than the xorg version.
      But it's possible that the xorg version is the xfree86 version with parts
      deliberately removed.  I need to know.  :-)
-  -- changed a lot, needs investigation
   -- Upstream says that it's incorrect and due to a toolchain bug.
      Have to see whether it's still needed for GNU/kFreeBSD, and if so,
      fix the bug.  See Freedesktop Bugzilla #1902.
-  -- near-equivalent upstream, but conditional on HASXDMAUTH.  Check that
-     that is defined everywhere its needed, or make a patch to
-     unconditionalize it.
 067_fix_X11_and_xdm_build_problems.diff -- needs porting
-077_xdm_honor_request_port_zero.diff - needs to be ported
 093_xkb_fix_macintosh_problems.diff - "Keypad equal" fix is missing and needs to be ported.
 099s_selinux_support.diff -- needs porting
 099t_xkb_remove_hidden_attributes.diff -- needs porting
@@ -63,15 +41,12 @@
 304_arm_Xlib.h_kludge_around_ARM_ABI_brain_damage.diff - needs to be ported
 913_debian_remove_code_ref_to_object_code_files.diff - needs validation
  * patch to xc/programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86/drivers/rendition/vboard.c lost
  * patches to xc/programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86/drivers/{mga,rendition}/Imakefile
    now in patch 908
-914_debian_Xserver_send_bugs_to_us.diff - needs porting
    + The following need to be backported from upstream (upstream CVS revisions
    xc/include/extensions/xf86mscstr.h @ 1.3

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