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Re: XSF plans for Xprt in x11-xorg?

David Nusinow wrote:

> On Tue, Jun 07, 2005 at 05:43:30PM +0200, Bastian Venthur wrote:
>> may I ask, when we can expect to see xorg in unstable? I really don't
>> want to rush you, I just want to know some *approximate* time frame.
> You can ask, but I can't give you a good answer. Your best bet is to read
> the other mails that have shown up this month and the last to see where
> things are headed.
> For what it's worth, I've managed to *finally* get packages built from the
> XSF subversion tree for X.Org today. I'll be committing the necessary
> fixes to allow this within the next 24 hours and I'll work on tightening
> up the last bits so I'm comfortable uploading them to experimental. The
> next step will be for non-XSF maintainers to fix their packages to so they
> can cope with the changes we'll be introducing (these breakages are well
> understood, and you can read about them in other mails from this month).
> Once those are ready to go, we can hopefully move the packages to
> unstable.
> I could give you a proposed timeline for all this, but since I'm the one
> doing the bulk of this particular part of the work, and I have no prior
> experience with this, I can't accurately estimate. Please be patient, feel
> free to help with things on the TODO list or help upstream modularize, and
> I'll keep working hard to keep things moving.

Hello David,

thanks for your answer. Seeing this package in experimental in a couple of
days, is quite good news. Thanks for your patience and keep up the good

Best regards


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