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Re: X Strike Force X.Org X11 SVN commit: r19 - trunk/debian

On Fri, Mar 18, 2005 at 05:11:08PM +0100, Jonas Gall wrote:
> XOrg and the Xprint tree are identical since a while. So why is Xprint
> not build as part of the Debian XOrg tree?

In general, the principle of modularisation is a sound one.  I'm not
entirely convinced that I agree with it here (due to Xprint's
development status and roadmap), but in general, splitting stuff out
is good.

Think about it: every time someone makes a minor change to the Radeon
driver, people have to download all the fonts and documentation again.

This sucks.

> The separation calls for
> trouble as the functionality of the Xprt server will be integrated
> into the Xorg server and the print modules become loadable  server
> modules.

Eventually.  Maybe.

The Xprint guys are very convinced about a unified DDX, but whether or
not this will happen (video output and printing are two VERY different
uses), is still unclear.  If it does, it is very far in the future.

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