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Re: Bug#257062: xserver-xfree86: please backport new Intel i910 driver

[CCing debian-release; please follow-up to both lists.]

On Wed, Mar 09, 2005 at 08:57:33AM +1300, Nick Phillips wrote:
> On balance (and not just because I have a lab full of machines with i915
> chipsets to look after), I think that we really ought to try to get this
> into sarge. It won't be long before there are a hell of a lot of those
> chips out there. Even if we release Etch a year after Sarge, that's still
> a significant lag for a significant number of (potential) users -- and
> hands up who thinks we actually *will* release then...
> So, count me in favour, and let me know if you want any testing done
> (on i810 or i915).

Someone's got to do the work.  The xfree86 SVN repository trunk is
available for checkout as it has been for about 2 years now.

If an i915 patch is prepared, works, and has been signed off on by
i810/i830/i845/i855/i865 as well as i915 users, then the patch submitter
and these testers can join me in making a case to the Release Managers for
pushing this into testing-proposed-updates (if xfree86 is frozen by then).

But before those things happen, there's no case to make.

So, please -- if you want to see this in sarge, be part of the solution.
I have absolutely no problem with interested parties coordinating their
efforts on this mailing list (debian-x) -- that's what it's here for, and
I'll offer as much advice as a PowerMac user can on such things.  :)

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