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Re: X Strike Force XFree86 SVN commit: r2023 - branches/debconf-overhaul/debian

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X Strike Force SVN Repository Admin wrote:
| Author: branden
| Date: 2004-11-11 21:50:56 -0500 (Thu, 11 Nov 2004)
| New Revision: 2023
| Modified:
|    branches/debconf-overhaul/debian/TODO
| Log:
| Add item.
| Modified: branches/debconf-overhaul/debian/TODO
| ===================================================================
| --- branches/debconf-overhaul/debian/TODO	2004-11-11 00:29:39 UTC (rev 2022)
| +++ branches/debconf-overhaul/debian/TODO	2004-11-12 02:50:56 UTC (rev 2023)
| @@ -57,4 +57,6 @@
|    + Eschew "video card" and the term "video" in general.  What is usually meant
|      instead is "display hardware" or "display adapter".
| ++ #271599: Use discover, change default of autodetect_video_card.
| +
|  # vim:set ai et sts=4 sw=4 tw=80:

While I don't disagree at all with this bit, we should be careful about
discover and coordinate with the different discover's maintainer.
I am preatty sure Daniel pushed back the ubuntu changes, but there are
a bunch of things that are not detected correctly and the algorithm
that discover use can be improved.
Also consider to grab the exception for the via driver we are doing in ubuntu.

The via driver is pretty unreliable and sometimes is better to use vesa.
Of course there are observation coming from bugs we received when defaulting
automatically to via.


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