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Bug#276234: xterm lost $HOME/bin and $TMPDIR

Am 2004-10-13 16:45:36, schrieb Thomas Dickey:

> A quick check (now that I'm home) with
> 	xterm -e sh

This works for $HOME but not $PATH

> or
> 	SHELL=/bin/sh xterm

Not tried.

> doesn't show a loss of variables.  So perhaps that's not the problem.
> I'm not sure what is.

But I have cheched the /etc/profile adn the defaulte to the xserver:


which I overide.I have the source of 4.1.0-16woody3 here and
I have not found anything (maybe lake of experience :-/ )

It is wired, why it does not only cut $HOME but all up to the first ":"

> > Please can you check it out with the package Maintainer ?
> > I am not the only person with this problem...
> I think that's Branden Robinson - who'll be reading this (soon, perhaps).


Thanks and good night

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