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Final analysis complete (submission #390557)

Dear customer, 

This is to notify you of the results of your submission, issue number

FILE                                      CONCLUSION          
ca.com                                    corrupted/remnant                   

Please see below for further details. 

This automated scanning service "Virtue" complements our regular
technical support service. It is not a replacement for it. If the
automatic responses you receive are incomplete or irrelevant to your
query, a technician will contact you. If you have further queries,
please submit them with reference number 390557 in "Plain Text" email
format to virus@ca.com. 
Users of Microsoft Outlook/Outlook Express can configure the outgoing
email format in the 
Tools|Options...|Send|Mail Sending Format... 
menu. To improve your security we recommend sending email in "Plain
Text" format only. . 

If you would like to comment on the quality of this automated service,
please send your suggestion to virtue.feedback@ca.com. 

eTrust Global Antivirus Research Team 
Computer Associates 

Find up-to-date information on viruses, worms, Trojans, and hoaxes at: 


The MsDos Executable (EXE) file "ca.com" has been determined to be
malicious. The file appears to be corrupted malware or left-over of a
virus infection. It can not be activated. 
Please restore the file from installation media or clean backup if

Aliases reported by other Antivirus products are listed here: 

CA antivirus products address this malware as follows:
eTrust Antivirus 6.x/v7 (Vet Engine) 
    Detection is currently unavailable for this file as it has been
    determined to be unable to behave maliciously by itself. We will
    inform you by email should we decide to update signatures for this

eTrust Antivirus 6.x/v7 (InoculateIT Engine) 
    The detection is not available with the default settings. Please
    select "Reviewer" mode in the advanced scan options. 
    Engine                Update version        Last Update           
    23.66.0               23.66.24              24 Aug                


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