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Suspicious file detected (submission #390557)

Dear customer, 

This is to notify you of the results of your submission, issue number

The file "ca.com" looks suspicious. We will analyse this file and
notify you of the conclusion within 24 hours. Until further analysis is
complete, we recommend that you do NOT forward this file to anyone
else. We also recommend that you limit your email usage and pay special
attention to any abnormal computer behaviour. 

This automated scanning service "Virtue" complements our regular
technical support service. It is not a replacement for it. If the
automatic responses you receive are incomplete or irrelevant to your
query, a technician will contact you. If you have further queries,
please submit them with reference number 390557 in "Plain Text" email
format to virus@ca.com. 
Users of Microsoft Outlook/Outlook Express can configure the outgoing
email format in the 
Tools|Options...|Send|Mail Sending Format... 
menu. To improve your security we recommend sending email in "Plain
Text" format only. . 

If you would like to comment on the quality of this automated service,
please send your suggestion to virtue.feedback@ca.com. 

eTrust Global Antivirus Research Team 
Computer Associates 

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