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Bug#260104: xserver-common: Too many server config files?

  Thanks for your reply;

> >   As an observation there are a lot of different places that the Xserver
> > is configured and that this complicates the process of finding errors in
> > the configuration - the ones I'm aware of are:
> > 
> >   /etc/X11/XF86Config-4
> >   /etc/X11/serverconfig
> I'm not familiar with this one.

Hmm - actually this one appears to be a mistake on my part - it appears to
be from the Nautilus package - why exactly it felt it needs
to create a 'serverconfig' directory in /etc/X11 is beyond me.
(It is empty except for a .directory file with 
Server Settings, Configure network services

translated into a vast number of languages).
Although it might not have been unreasonable to think that something
called serverconfig in the /etc/X11 directory might have something
to do with the X server.

> >   /etc/X11/xserver
> This is a directory, not a file...at least on my system.

Yep it's a directory for me as well containing a SecurityPolicy
file - and I assume that others are also read from the same place?

> >   /etc/X11/xinit/xserverrc
> > 
> > and probably some to do with particular display managers as well.
> > It seems to be that it would be nice to slim some of these down if
> > possible.
> Pretty difficult without deviating from upstream practice.

Fair enough - thank you for passing this upstream.

> All config files should have manual pages.  If you identify any that don't,
> please see if the bug has been reported, and file a report if it it has
> not.
> > Dave (having just helped someone with a DPI problem)
> Are you aware of:
> http://necrotic.deadbeast.net/xsf/XFree86/trunk/debian/local/FAQ.xhtml#fontswrongsize
> ?

I wasn't - thank you; what that doesn't mention is that also it can be
changed due to interactions with DDC from the monitor; I suspect (but
don't know) that if DDC can't be read then it falls back to some
defaults; so I think there are weird interactions such as what happens
if you let a machine boot to X and then switch the monitor on
or have it going through a KVM.  Forcing the DPI and disabling DDC
seems to be a way to get a saner more consistent behaviour.
(In addition I'm never really convinced X really likes running
at anything other than one of 75 or 100 dpi what with older
bitmap fonts).

Thanks again for your reply,

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