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Bug#264209: xserver-xfree86: [radeon] I wish to swap primary and secondary head on Radeon card

Can you not do something like this in your XF86Config-4?
        Screen  1       "Screen0" RightOf "Screen1"
        Screen  0       "Screen1" 0 0

Dominique Dumont wrote:
> Package: xserver-xfree86
> Version: 4.3.0.dfsg.1-6
> Severity: wishlist
> Hello
> On my Radeon 9200 board, I've noticed that the VGA signal quality is
> better on the VGA output than on the DVI output (probably due to a bad
> quality DVI to VGA converter): I have a lot of analog ringing which
> are too visible on my computer screen (1280x1200).
> I also have connected a video projector on the DVI head. At 800x600,
> the ringing is less visible.
> When I set up a dual head configuration, display :0.0 is set to DVI
> head (e.g. videp projector) and the display :0.1 is set to the
> computer screen (which is correct behavior according to the radeon man
> page).
> Unfortunately, this means that the kdm login prompt appears on the
> projector screen. This is litterally a pain in the neck since the
> login prompt is projected behind me ;-)
> So, my wish, is to be able to swap the primary/secondary head in the
> XFConfig file. (An option like SwapPrimarySecondary would be fine)
> Note: MergedFB resolves the kdm login problem, but using xinerama in
> a configuration where you have a computer screen and a video projector
> (which is not always turned on) is really painful.
> For instance, with Windowmaker, all icons on the right are placed on
> the video projector. And menus can unfold from one screen to the other
> one projected at my back.
> Thanks

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