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Bug#263877: Various display artifacts in uxterm

On Fri, Aug 06, 2004 at 08:42:17AM -0400, Thomas Dickey wrote:

> perhaps related (but not with the iso10646 fonts - but I've seen people
> changing the fonts in uxterm to use TrueType fonts):
>                   Patch #194 - 2004/7/27 - XFree86
>      * fix  a  repainting bug introduced in patch #180: when using a font
>        lacking  line-drawing  characters,  a  repaint of the screen could
>        skip  horizontally  an  extra  amount after filling in the missing
>        character  (reports  by  Nicolas  George,  Hans  de  Goede, Redhat
>        Bugzilla #128341).

This does sound similar to the effect that I see.

 - mdz

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