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Bug#261854: marked as spam Bug#261854 acknowledged by developer (Re: Bug#261854: xlibs: some softlinks not made correctly, installer fails to upgrade)

I agreed to Daniel that it was something that happend on my machineS during dist-upgrade.

This in't reproducible installing X related libs in any order (forward or back).

To get to how libXft became a "file not found", cause even "vi" to not work holding X out of the picture, I would have to mount a copy of a woody install, which I have two of, and do dist-upgrade to sarge from my jigdo .iso again.

Though Daniel seems willing to answer reports and replies to them, I'm unwilling to do this day long re-upgrade even though I have an idle box, since I do not beleive the effort would be rewarded with earnest follow up by "the guys with the pgp keys" - which I greatly envy the possesion of ;)

Pithy Reguars,


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