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Bug#227578: xmodmap and Mode_switch, ISO_Level3_Shift

When I try to remap Alt Gr combinations xmodmap removes the old
mapping, puts in a mapping that shows up OK in xmodmap -pke, but the
mapping doesn't actually work.

I'm using XkbRules xfree86, XkbLayout se, XkbModel logicdp. This is my
xmodmap input:

keycode 55 = v V leftdoublequotemark leftsinglequotemark
keycode 56 = b B rightdoublequotemark rightsinglequotemark
keycode 59 = comma semicolon ellipsis dead_ogonek

I'm expecting Alt Gr + v to produce leftdoublequotemark, and Alt Gr +
shift + v to produce leftsinglequotemark. AFAIK, this used to work.
Nowadays xmodmap puts in NoSymbol for those combinations.

I believe this is the problem: Alt Gr produces ISO_Level3_Shift
instead of the expected Mode_switch. Simply remapping Alt Gr to
produce Mode_switch makes my mappings work, but then the Alt Gr +
number mappings don't work (Swedish keyboards have @£${[]}\ on
Alt Gr + number.)

My question is therefore: why is Alt Gr mapped to ISO_Level3_Shift and
not Mode_switch? Where can I see the mappings for ISO_Level3_Shift?
Alt Gr + e produces a Euro, but nowhere in the xmodmap output is there
a euro. And which key is supposed to give a keycode 93, because that's
supposedly the Mode_switch key?


Göran Weinholt <weinholt@debian.org>
Debian developer, sysadmin, netadmin

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