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Bug#263122: xfonts-75dpi: no adobe fonts after upgrade or font update, bogus alias files

Package: xfonts-75dpi
Version: 4.1.0-16
Severity: important

-- System Information
Debian Release: 3.0
Architecture: i386
Kernel: Linux link 2.4.20-mm #1 Tue Feb 24 17:47:00 EST 2004 i586

Versions of packages xfonts-75dpi depends on:
ii  xutils                        4.1.0-16   X Window System utility programs



Just "dist-upgraded" to debian sarge.

I marked this as "serious".  Hope that wasn't elevated.  I do think others
will have the same problem based on what I know.

After install NOTHING font related worked.  xterm wouldn't open.  Once I got
xterm working I found KDE showed all its text ass empty boxes (because
it depends on biznet fonts, which dselect did not install on upgrade).

I'm no complete newbie to fonts.  And if I'm no newbie its because fonts never
seem to be perfect in any distro, esp after upgrade.

All I can say as to they cause is: I used dist-upgrade.

I got drastic and removed all fonts and re-installed X's fonts, the
ones that come with X 4.3.0.  I got adobe fonts.  I reinstalled many other
common ones (ie, cronyx) and adobe fonts were gone again.

I wrote a debian package for end users to easily update all fonts on their
system if they need to.  I believe it is unique in its completeness of
task and ease of use - that no other utils currently tries for.  It is a


I've uploaded to debian.org and haven't included it here since I doubt it
would post correctly using reportbug.

I notice my update script wasn't quite getting fonts with .gz extentions.  So
I unzipped all my fonts, ran my script, then "xfontsel" showed many more fonts
than before.  Apparently, some base programs ?mkcmf? ?mkfontdir? do not
understand it when fonts are gzipped.  Either all base programs should
understand or they shouldn't be gzipped.  Why is: many major applications
require users to update X's fonts.  User's won't be able to get things to work
if there are un-noticeable problems with font utils skipping .gz's because
"they aren't fonts".


	John D. Hendrickson





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