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Bug#256442: [ATTACHED] iBook G4 British keymap

Branden Robinson wrote:
> In that case it sounds like this problem would be resolved for the
> submitter by using the following configuration:
> XkbRules	xfree86
> XkbModel	macintosh
> XkbLayout	gb
> XkbOptions	grp:lwin_switch,compose:rwin
> Does any one object to me closing this bug?

nope, that works for me. sorry for adding to the confusion!! i think i was
chatting to some people who *thought* they had a british mac keyboard, but
actually had an american one. confused the `zig' out of me :-)

although... one small gripe; the shift-return and standalone key which has


(i don't know if there is a font for that) is producing 

i never use that key, so it doesn't bother me... but just to let you know the
story isn't complete yet ;-)

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