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Bug#256442: [ATTACHED] iBook G4 British keymap

Branden Robinson wrote:
> I don't see many differences between this and the current
> /etc/X11/xkb/symbols/macintosh/gb file, which I fixed up in xlibs
> 4.3.0.dfsg.1-5:

this is what is different:

// let the marked "alt" be AltGr (as it is in MacOS) 
    key <LALT> {      [  Mode_switch  ]       };
    // let the Apple key be Alt
    key <LWIN> {      [  Alt_L        ]       };

the key physically marked "alt" on a macintosh keyboard is actually altgr (as
can confirmed in MacOS X). The apple key should then be the alt key. this
mapping does that.

this keymap is still unfinished... numlock stuff is still undefined/broken. i
might do that one day... but given how long it has been before people have asked
for a keymap doing what is actually physically written on the keys; i'd expect
the demand is low priority.

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