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Re: xprint

On Wed, Jun 30, 2004 at 11:00:24AM -0700, itz@californiadigital.com wrote:
> I'd like to set up Xprint to be started on demand through inetd.  The
> README.Debian file hints that it is possible but it doesn't give any
> specific advice or examples.  I could simply charge ahead but I am
> the worrying type, so these questions come to mind:
> 1/ how does the client (Mozilla) know on which X display to contact
> the Xprint daemon?  It seems when Xprint is started the "official" way,
> from an initscript, the initscript sets up a file in /var/run or /tmp
> listing the available displays.  But if it's started on demand, that
> list obviously won't exist.
> 2/ how does the Xprint daemon itself know it is being run through
> inetd, and so it should run the protocol on stdin/stdout rather than
> listen on a socket?  There's no _documented_ option to tell it so
> (the whole manpage for the daemon seems to be just a customized copy
> of the Xserver manpage).
> TIA for answers, hints, or pointers.

It might be wise to direct these questions to xprint@packages.debian.org.

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