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Re: Future of X packages in Debian

On Fri, 2004-06-18 at 03:02, Fabio Massimo Di Nitto wrote:
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> Hi everybody,
>         As you might have seen from the messages on debian-devel-changes,
> 4.3.0.dfsg.1-5 has been accepted into unstable.
> Our questions to the community are:
> * What kinds of X packages would you like to see in the future?

I'd like to see a packaging that gives me the ability to mix and match
pieces from any of the choices we have available. IOW, meta packages to
get the "full" compliment of each version, or me picking cheeries if I
want. Lotsa work... But hey, you said you wanted to know.

> * Should we regard X.Org or FreeDesktop.Org as our upstream source?


> * Should we go our own way starting from the "sanitized" XFree86 CVS
>   snapshot we've prepared?

Yes, but I know it'll be insane the more we divert from XFree86.org and
David Dawes cruft

> * Should we ensure that multiple implementations of the X Window System
>   are packaged, or standardize on just one?

Exactly what I'd like to see. All of 'em. Remember, You asked.

> * If we standardize on just one, which one should it be?

Exactly the one that has the most features to fewest bugs ratio we can

> We will do our best to choose a course that reflects the wishes and needs
> of the Debian community.  Your feedback is a great first step, but we can
> always use more help.  If you'd like to influence the direction of Debian
> X packaging, the best thing to do is to join the maintenance team.
> Please subscribe to debian-x, and if it's not obvious to you what you can
> do to help, just ask.

As I am not a programmer, I'll have to ask "What would I *get* to do?"
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