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Re: Bug#250915: installation-report

El Thu, May 27, 2004 at 12:30:32PM -0300, Martin Michlmayr escribio:
> There are some cards which are no longer supported in 4.x, but I don't
> know if the S3 Trio is one of them.  I'm CCing the debian-x list for
> more comments.  Can you please send the XFree86 logs from 3.3.6?

Until about four months ago, I had a Trio64V+ based card working in
Debian sid. In fact, I was hit by bug #192365. That bug report shows
logs for people with XFree 4.2.1, so that version should work.

The setup was straitforward (selected S3 driver, enter in the other
questions). And the card was actually made by Diammond Multimedia
(I don't recall the exact model number), so I suspect that was the
same as the bug reporter's card.

I don't have that PC anymore, so I can not test the newer X versions.


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