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Re: Start working on -5

On Tue, 1 Jun 2004, Branden Robinson wrote:

> > I have been thinking also to prioritize always drivers bug fixes
> > (where possible and when it applies) to give more time to testers to
> > downloadtrunk, build and test. Is there any objections to take this
> > direction?
> That sounds like a good idea, and will start to work according to that
> policy.


> > If you have any comments speak now ;)
> I have several items I'd like to add to the list.  They all have patches
> in the BTS or are small-scale changes I understand how to write.
>  * #251307: xserver-xfree86: [ati/atimisc] XVideo apps crash X server; complaints
>    of unresolved symbol xf86XVCopyYUV12ToPacked on 3D Rage IIC AGP rev 122
>    Michel Dänzer reports that this is due to failure to export that symbol
>    via SYMFUNC() in xc/programs/Xserver/hw/xfree86/loader/xf86sym.c.

This was already in the TODO ;)

> [debconf stuff]
>    + #251568: Cope with the ever-changing format of lspci -n output.  Need to
>      handle both "bus:device.function" and "domain:bus:device.function".
>    + Add 1280x1024@60Hz as selectable mode when configuring monitor by resolution
>      and refresh rate.
>    + #251808: wrongly rejects SBUS BusID strings (should accept simple integers,
>      too)

I was thinking to include all the debconf related issues together with the
debconf rewriting task, but if you feel that this has to be prioritize
than it's fine with me.

>  * Make an xlibmesa-dri.bug script to gather some info --- video card vendor and
>    model, if nothing else.  See #248453 for Michel Dänzer's recommendations.
>  * #201737: fix U.K. Macintosh keyboard support
>  * #251310: xlibs: implement compose:caps
>  * #229785: xutils: [sessreg] thinks all hostnames with '.' in them are the same

Ok. If we have the patches go for it.


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