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Bug#248940: Processed: Re: Bug#248940: xlibs: strange caps lock lag

[Mr. Xu not mailed because his MX incorrectly -- but apparently not
accidently -- flags all messages from me as unsolicited commercial email.]

On Mon, May 31, 2004 at 08:05:54AM +1000, Herbert Xu wrote:
> BTW, that mail was stuck on your machine until today.


% mx packages.debian.org
packages.debian.org     MX      0 gluck.debian.org

If you're only going to be semi-retired, you might want to remain
subscribed to debian-devel-announce so that things like this are not a
surprise to you.

> I'm no longer the maintainer of the kernel package,

Then kindly stop playing BTS gatekeeper for it.

> so I suggest that you appeal to the new maintainers directly at
> debian-kernel@lists.debian.org.  If they're happy with the bug report,
> then I certainly will not stand in the way of you reassigning it.

Normal procedure is for the bug to be reassigned, and if there is a
problem, for *discussion* to follow, not an immediate snotty

Either you are an equal partner of the Debian kernel maintenance team,
or you are not.  If that team has delegated bug-assignment veto power to
you, then there is really nothing to discuss.  If they have not, it is
inappropriate for you to handle the bug as you have.

The submitter has already gone upstream to the Linux kernel folks with
the problem, which is probably where it is best handled anyway.

It's perfectly fine for the bug to remain assigned where it is until its
annotation becomes inaccurate.

I reiterate: I am not interested in playing bug tennis with you.

Finally, I request that you stop mailing me privately, until you deign
to correct your mail server's configuration to not spuriously reject my
messages as spam.  This sort of asymmetry is impolite and

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