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evdev Keyboard Driver: Support for extra keys?

CC'ing Zephaniah E. Hull, who seems to be the person who contributed the
patch in question.

Hello X guys,

I hope I'm asking this question in the right place, since the evdev
support patch seems to be Debian specific.  I was trying to get my
keyboard (Sun Type 6 USB) to work with the evdev driver, and I found a
whole lot of keys reporting scancode 7, even more than in "regular"
operation, without the evdev stuff.  Then I read these lines in the

+		    case EV_KEY_103RD:
+		    case EV_KEY_102ND:
+		    case EV_KEY_LINEFEED:
+		    case EV_KEY_MACRO:
+		    case EV_KEY_MUTE:
+		    case EV_KEY_VOLUMEDOWN:
+		    case EV_KEY_VOLUMEUP:
+		    case EV_KEY_POWER:
+		    case EV_KEY_F18:
+		    case EV_KEY_F19:
+		    case EV_KEY_F20:
+		    case EV_KEY_F21:
+		    case EV_KEY_F22:
+		    case EV_KEY_F23:
+		    case EV_KEY_F24:
+		    case EV_KEY_KPCOMMA:
+		    case EV_KEY_COMPOSE:
+			code = KEY_UNKNOWN;
+			break;

... which could explain that.  Is there a specific reason why these
codes are mapped to KEY_UNKNOWN?  I mean, if Linux recognizes them
(which I'm not sure about -- is there a way to verify that besides
hexdumping /dev/input/event*?), it would be cool to pass them on to the

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