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Start working on -5

Ok guys, time to review some work:

-3 was my fuck up. I have to apologize with the community for pushing
Branden and uploading myself without testing. That was clearly my fault in
evaluating the situation.

-4 "the rescue release". thanks Branden and sorry that i ruined your
weekend. It shouldn't have happened.

Let's focus, more seriously this time, on -5 TODO list [0].

I have no objections (as i stated before) with Branden suggestions.

I have been thinking also to prioritize always drivers bug fixes (where
possible and when it applies) to give more time to testers to
downloadtrunk, build and test. Is there any objections to take this

If you have any comments speak now ;)


[0] http://necrotic.deadbeast.net/xsf/XFree86/trunk/debian/TODO

<user> fajita: step one
<fajita> Whatever the problem, step one is always to look in the error log.
<user> fajita: step two
<fajita> When in danger or in doubt, step two is to scream and shout.

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