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Bug#251568: d-i beta & x configuration

retitle 251568 xserver-xfree86: [debconf] new lspci output confuses config script

On Sat, May 29, 2004 at 09:53:37PM +1000, Andree Leidenfrost wrote:
> On Fri, 2004-05-21 at 15:06, Branden Robinson wrote:
> > Could you try purging and reinstalling the XFree86 package, or running
> > through d-i again, and leaving the pre-filled value in, so that you can
> > file a bug report against xserver-xfree86 with "reportbug"?  That will
> > automatically include the config file and server logs so we can take a
> > closer look at the problem.
> Done. I've reinstalled from scratch using d-i daily 040528. Bug number
> is 251568.

The problem here is that lspci has changed its output format.

> Cool. As an intermediate measure, would it be possible to add an entry
> 1280x1024@60HZ to the Medium monitor configuration screen?

I've added this to the TODO list.

> > Needless to say, this only works if discover is installed, and
> > recognizes the video card.  You might try installing the discover
> > package and running the "discover" command without arguments.
> Right. d-i currently comes with discover1 as far as I can tell.

I thought they had switched to discover2.

> When I run the discover command I get no output at all, this is both
> as root and as a normal user. What am I supposed to see/do? The
> manpage sounds like running discover should produce output.

Yes, it should.  Something is wrong.  File a bug against discover.

> Then again, the manpage mentions optins -h and -v which don't seem to
> exist...hm.

Odd.  The manpage is out of sync with the executable?

> > I think we can probably make some improvements in all three of the areas
> > you noted.
> Sounds good. Is there any other information I can gather that would
> possibly help?

Not at present.  Thank you for following up!

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