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Bug#250655: xterm: crashes on paste from abiword

On Fri, May 28, 2004 at 10:27:16PM -0500, Branden Robinson wrote:

> Just as a remark to myself and my fellow "debian-x"ers, if it turns out
> the bug is in Xt, this bug should be reassigned to libxt6.

I can reproduce it with XFree86 4.3.0.  The immediate cause of failure is
dererencing a null pointer but that part of the code and the intervening
functions on the walkback appear much the same in 4.4.0 - so I expect the
cause is one of the other functions called before that point.

Here's a walkback (it doesn't make any difference whether it's for xterm #174
or xterm #190, so while it might ultimately be a bug in xterm, the difference
in behaviour - works with current X - is due to X libraries):

#0  0x40251a83 in _XlcResetConverter (conv=0x0) at lcConv.c:336
336	    if (conv->methods->reset)
(gdb) where
#0  0x40251a83 in _XlcResetConverter (conv=0x0) at lcConv.c:336
#1  0x40258fd6 in _XTextPropertyToTextList (lcd=0x80b2b98, dpy=0x8098728, 
    text_prop=0xbfffec00, to_type=0x402725c9 "utf8String", 
    list_ret=0xbfffec1c, count_ret=0xbfffec18) at lcPrTxt.c:216
#2  0x4025915c in _Xutf8TextPropertyToTextList (lcd=0x80b2b98, dpy=0x8098728, 
    text_prop=0xbfffec00, list_ret=0xbfffec1c, count_ret=0xbfffec18)
    at lcPrTxt.c:275
#3  0x40228589 in Xutf8TextPropertyToTextList (dpy=0x8098728, 
    text_prop=0xbfffec00, list_ret=0xbfffec1c, count_ret=0xbfffec18)
    at lcWrap.c:420
#4  0x0804da1c in SelectionReceived (w=0x80bd268, client_data=0x8166e90, 
    selection=0xbfffecb4, type=0xbfffec80, value=0x8167080, length=0xbfffec88, 
    format=0xbfffec84) at button.c:1372
#5  0x401676d9 in HandleNormal (dpy=0x8098728, widget=0x80bd268, property=453, 
    info=0x8166fc0, closure=0x8166e90, selection=449) at Selection.c:1310
#6  0x40167b5f in HandleSelectionReplies (widget=0x80bd268, closure=0x8166fc0, 
    ev=0xbfffee40, cont=0xbfffed6d "\001") at Selection.c:1408
#7  0x4014fdbe in XtDispatchEventToWidget (widget=0x80bd268, event=0xbfffee40)
    at Event.c:956
#8  0x401508ce in _XtDefaultDispatcher (event=0xbfffee40) at Event.c:1417
#9  0x40150c93 in XtDispatchEvent (event=0xbfffee40) at Event.c:1497
#10 0x08064e62 in xevents () at misc.c:202
#11 0x08053e8e in in_put () at charproc.c:2751
#12 0x08051414 in VTparse () at charproc.c:910
#13 0x08056eda in VTRun () at charproc.c:4142
#14 0x0807957f in main (argc=0, argv=0xbffff180) at main.c:2222

Thomas E. Dickey

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