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Bug#201737: map LWIN to Mode_switch

On Fri, May 28, 2004 at 12:11:53PM +0200, Sebastian Henschel wrote:
> * Branden Robinson <branden@debian.org> [2004-05-28 12:04 +0200]:
> > Do all British Macintosh keyboard users really expect the left Apple key
> > to work as a mode switch (I think "group shift" would be a less confusing term,
> > but they didn't put me in charge of the nomenclature) and (when shifted) a
> > compose key?
> dunno, it is just that there is no Alt_GR and Alt does not do the
> mode_switch, so i suppose the apple key is the one to go for. :)

Yeah, I'm just pointing out how the choice of key is at least somewhat
arbitrary and non-intuitive, thanks to the lack of an AltGr engraving on
any key.

> > How often do British secretaries need to be able to type a number sign
> > ("#")?
> dunno, the specific machine at hand is for an italian professor (not
> me). and i believe him to type the number sign when programming on his
> computer.

Okay, then he would qualify as a "geek or programmer" as I stated.  :)

> > I suspect that this is a customization best left to geeks and
> > programmers by using one of the specialized symbol maps for this
> > purpose, e.g.:
> > 
> > XkbRules	xfree86
> > XkbModel	macintosh
> > XkbLayout	gb
> > XkbOptions	group:lwin_switch
> aha, did not know that one...

Does the above work for him/you?

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