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Bug#201737: map LWIN to Mode_switch

retitle 201737 xlibs: cannot type # on UK Macintosh keyboard (xfree86/macintosh/gb)
reassign 201737 xlibs
tag 201737 + moreinfo

On Mon, May 24, 2004 at 03:10:18PM +0200, Sebastian Henschel wrote:
> hi there...
> it is not discussed here and the initial bug reporter wrote that
> everything is fine with the additions from brandon robinson. but it is
> not. one item is missing in the gb symbol table:
> key <LWIN>   { [ Mode_switch, Multi_key  ] };
> without that, i cannot generate the numbersign when hitting the apple
> key and 3. that snippet was taken from the german symbol table for macintosh,
> btw.

Do all British Macintosh keyboard users really expect the left Apple key
to work as a mode switch (I think "group shift" would be a less confusing term,
but they didn't put me in charge of the nomenclature) and (when shifted) a
compose key?

How often do British secretaries need to be able to type a number sign

I suspect that this is a customization best left to geeks and
programmers by using one of the specialized symbol maps for this
purpose, e.g.:

XkbRules	xfree86
XkbModel	macintosh
XkbLayout	gb
XkbOptions	group:lwin_switch

(Note, the latter consists of:

  // using the group(lwin_switch) map, the left Windows' logo key
  // temporarily chooses the second keyboard group (until it is
  // released).  If you use this map, you would declare you keyboard as
  // pc101 or pc102 instead of pc104 or pc105.
  partial modifier_keys
  xkb_symbols "lwin_switch" {
    key <LWIN> {
      symbols[Group1] = [ Mode_switch, Multi_key ],
      virtualMods= AltGr


Mark, between this and the modification to /etc/X11/xkb/symbols/macintosh/gb I
sent you last July, are your problems resolved?

If so, I'll queue up the changes for a future package release.

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